Khanna Diamonds owned and run by Mr. Narinder Khanna and his son Chakshu Khanna, who is also involved in their family jewellery business since 1909.

All of them having been brought up in the lap of a traditional business family, which has over seven decades of serving the Royals and households of the region to their entire satisfaction.

Narinder Khanna has honed the craftsmanship, business acumen and art of feeling the pulse of the valued customers, anticipating their requirements. He has one quality – a fanatic quest for perfection. He has inherited immaculate craftsmanship most essential for designing State of Art jewellery.

Narinder Khanna has, in more than Four decades, imbibed the inspiration of his forefathers in the art of designing, creating and translating his imagination to craft a stunning signature collection.

Narinder Khanna is assisted by his son, Chakshu Khanna has been brought up in Family Business and have natured in the family business techniques and practices since 2005.

Object and Scope of Khanna Diamonds is to set standards of distinction through an exemplary business practice. They are one of the leading manufacturers of  Diamond and Gold Jewellery, making a wide range of designs, both classic and contemporary.

Khanna Diamonds is a symbol of quality and purity in Diamond & Hallmark Gold  Jewellery with excellent customer service and gives value for money.

Khanna Diamonds, under the patronage of Mr. Narinder Khanna, has been one of the finest and most contemporary jewellers specializing in Diamond, Gold, Jadau jewellry. Our precious jewellery, ranging from wedding to casual wear, is designed and created by our skilled goldsmiths; delighting our family, that is our customers.